A Critical Look at Wireless Speakers

While most manufacturers would promise you the world when offering their speakers, let’s face it: no product is perfect. That is true with pretty much every product out there. In this post, I’m going to talk about wireless speakers and highlight some of their shortcomings. You might want to use this post when you evaluate a particular product so that you have a more balanced opinion.

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Obviously one of the biggest pluses of wireless speakers the ability of receiving a signal without being connected by long speaker wires. But as odd as it may seem, this very advantage is actually the wireless speaker’s biggest disadvantage. Let me explain what I mean by that. The problem with wireless products in particular wireless speakers is that the wireless signal can actually be affected by other wireless devices. Obviously, the speaker depends on being able to receive the wireless signal and decoded. Inside the signal is data which contains the audio that the speakers going to reproduce. Unless the data is received properly, …

Tips for Installing Speakers in Your Home

If you have never installed loudspeakers before then you might want to read on. I will offer some fundamental techniques for putting in loudspeakers. If you have never attempted to set up any electronic appliance, then you might want to contract this out to somebody else. However, if you want to save some money or if you feel you are technically experienced then why not do the job yourself and save some money.

Be careful when you unpack the speakers because they are fairly heavy and are easily damaged. Also, if you drop the speakers then the surface will most likely be damaged. Some manufacturers will include amount in the same package as the speakers. The amount is usually packaged separately by using some cardboard. Be careful because if the cardboard which includes the mount is damaged then the speaker can easily get scrapes if you’re not careful whilst unpacking.

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Obviously, if you only have a mount for your speakers then you don’t have to worry about purchasing one. That …

Should You Purchase Wireless or Regular Speakers?

When setting up speakers at your home, there are two options available. One option is to purchase regular speakers which obviously have to be connected to an amplifier by using speaker cable. This is the option that is used in 90% of installations. In fact, installers always run speaker cables versus human wireless type of speaker. That is where they make their money.

The alternative, however, are wireless speakers. Wireless speakers do not offer sound which is any better than that from regular speakers. That is probably one of the biggest misconceptions of wireless speakers. However, there are some manufacturers which are claiming that their wireless models perform better than regular speakers. That is how they typically justify the high price type of their products. Don’t be fooled by these claims. The fact is that regular speakers work just as well.

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However, wireless speakers to offer one fundamental advantage. They can be set up more easily because they don’t require long runs of speaker cable. However, keep in mind that …